Breakthroughs, discoveries and inventions. New issue of the magazine “Academia”

Cover of the magazine Academia

Breakthroughs and inventions have a huge impact on the quality of our life. We live longer due to the development of medicine. New technologies made it possible to explore the most distant corners of the globe and to take a look at the surface of other planets. With new technologies we are able to take advantage of natural phenomena such as to recover energy from the sun rays. The latest issue of the magazine “Academia” presents scientific inventions and their application for the good of all mankind.

In the issue you can read about the team of physicists awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of gravitational waves, about the contribution of Polish doctors to various fields of medicine, about social changes and their consequences, about observations on plant communication and about the possibilities offered by new technologies for research carried out on the earth and in space.

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The Genome above the Genome

Very often we can hear that we should eat healthy because we are what we eat. Recent studies show that food can also heal and even more that our nourishing can affect our genome.

For further reading: an article about medical effects of a personalized diet by Prof. Carsten Carlberg.

Turning Points That Teach Us To Pay Attention

In recent years, there have been many social changes initiated by turning, often traumatic experience of sexually abused people. The advances that have taken place affect individuals as well as functioning of entire societies.

Reasons and consequences of the above mentioned changes were presented in the article written by Anna Woźniak.

Reefs in the Twilight Zone

Coral reefs belong to the group of the most complex ecosystems on the earth. Widely known are the reef-building corals which grow in water as deep as 30 m. Until now, it was commonly believed that corals could not live deeper. However, recent studies show that corals can still construct reefs in deep dark water at a depth of about 100 m.

Will “shadow reefs” survive climate warming? Had a similar situation occurred in the history of the earth? About living and fossil coral reefs read the article by Mikołaj K. Zapalski.

About ”Academia”

“Academia” is a popular science journal of the Polish Academy of Sciences created by experts who are authorities in their fields. Authors of “Academia” present their discoveries in the way comprehensible to academics as well as pupils, students and other readers interested in scientific novelties. The magazine promotes scientific achievements of Polish researchers.

“Academia” has been published quarterly since 2003 in English, and since 2005 both in English and in Polish.

From 2015 on, starting with a special edition “Migrations”, individual articles and entire issues can be found and read online in Polish ( and in English (

Once or twice a year, special issues dealing in depth with current and important issues (e.g.: Smog, Forest, Climate changes, Poland on poles) are published.

Source of information and photos: Polish Academy of Sciences