Scientific Divisions

The Academy is organized into five Divisions, broadly covering various fields of science and scholarship. Each Division coordinates the activities of the PAS institutes and committees operating within a given set of subject areas (ranging from the humanities to the medical sciences), and also supervises the respective PAS auxiliary units. Each Member of the Academy also belongs to a specific Division, in line with their specific interests and specialties.

The day-to-day work of each Division is managed by its Dean, while key decisions are made by the Division’s Council of Provosts, headed by a Chairman/Chairwoman. Among other responsibilities, the Council of Provosts carries out periodic evaluations of the Division’s Institutes and competitions to select new Directors at those Institutes. The authorities of each Division are elected for four-year terms. The work of each Division is supervised by one of the Academy’s Vice-Presidents (with the appropriate scientific specialty). 

Division I

and Social Sciences 

Division II

and Agricultural Sciences 

Division III

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences 

Division IV

Engineering Sciences

Division V

Medical Sciences