International cooperation

The Polish Academy of Sciences collaborates with foreign partner institutions and participates in the activities of world research organisations. We are proud to collaborate with more than 60 international organisations or networks and more than 70 foreign academies of science and equivalent organisations from Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa.

While developing international academic cooperation based on the principle of partnership and benefit of all participants, the Polish Academy of Sciences consolidates both traditional bilateral contacts, and multilateral relations implemented in an increasing number of research projects conducted by all-European organisations. Simultaneously, taking into account the growing importance of international research, the Polish Academy of Sciences develops its centers abroad, as well as its international research units in Poland.

Apart from being active participants of the collaboration resulting from central international cooperation agreements, the PAS research units also conduct their own cooperation with foreign partners. Our Institutes collaborate with nearly 3000 foreign partners, pursuing more than a 1000 joint research projects per year.Our scientists conduct research from pole to pole: the Institute of Geophysics conducts research at Hornsund Polish Polar Station on Spitsbergen, while the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Department of Antarctic Biology, maintains a year-round research station and monitors the environment of East Antarctica.