Europe acts together to fight climate change

Climate change is an urgent global challenge. That is why scientists from across Europe will meet in Warsaw to address this issue.

Climate change affects the entire planet and all spheres of life, including the environment, economy and society. By its magnitude and impact it is probably the biggest challenge of this century.

Global challenges need to meet global solutions. European Climate Conference (ECC) has a clear focus on science. The conference slogan is “Scientific Contributions to the Climate Change Transformations on the European Continent”.

Climate solidarity

Leading scientists and representatives of foreign science academies from 46 countries in Europe and Asia will come to Poland. The uniqueness of the meeting will be its geographical dimension – experts from, among others, France, Slovenia, Austria, but also Armenia, Iceland and Malta.

The two-day meeting will start on May 15. The ECC is jointly organized by the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and the Polish Academy of Sciences. It will be attended by presidents of both academies – Prof. Gerald Haug and Prof. Marek Konarzewski. The introductory lecture will be given by Prof. Thomas Stocker, renowned climate and environmental physicist associated with the University of Bern.

Experts will discuss the latest research findings, the effects of climate change in Europe, related regional approaches and adaptation measures. Discussions will concern the ongoing climate changes in agriculture, spatial development, industry, energy, technical infrastructure and transport. Threats to water resources and European ecosystems will also be discussed.

About the ECC conference

The first day of the conference, May 15, will also be streamed live on the YouTube channel of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Panel discussions will then take place.

The introductory lecture on what awaits us in the context of climate change will be delivered by Prof. Thomas Stocker. Then, experts will talk about the actions that should be taken to protect the planet. The discussion moderated by Dr. Aleksandra Kardaś from the Climate Education Foundation will be attended by:

  • Heleen de Coninck, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • György Kröel-Dulay, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Didier Roux, French Academy of Sciences
  • Thomas Stocker, University of Bern

More information on the conference agenda and keynote speakers are available at the European Climate Conference website. 

After the European Climate Conference

A scientific advice communiqué – Warsaw Communiqué – that will improve the public literacy on climate change is expected to result from the conference. The document will be available on the conference website after its conclusion.

Source of information: Polish Academy of Sciences