Cooperation with the Estonian Academy of Sciences in the years 2024-2026

The International Cooperation Department of the Polish Academy of Sciences opens the call for three–year joint PAS mobility projects for the years 2024-2026 within the scientific cooperation between the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Estonian Academy of Sciences. The call is also open to scientists who are not affiliated with PAS.

Submission deadline:

The application form should be submitted only by e-mail to until 6 October 2023.


  • the projects PAS -EAS will be carried out according to cost sharing system. i. e. sending side (or investigator’s scientific unit or researcher personally) covers the costs of international travel to the place of destination in the partner country, and the receiving side pays for the costs of stay of the foreign visitors (daily allowances and accommodation).
  • the number of projects approved in the years 2024-2026 and the maximum quota for mobility under each project will depend on the budgetary situation of PAS and EAS.
  • in case of further questions and doubts, please contact Ms. Jolanta Krześniak; tel.: 22-182-65-04; e-mail: and in Estonia: Ülle Raud, Head of Cooperation, e-mail phone +372 645 1925, mobile phone +372 504 2659.

Information about the call is available at EAS website.